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If two shafts bent at angles to each other are connected with an universal joint (Fig. 9) and the drive shaft moves at constant angular velocity 1, the driven shaft runs with uneven angular velocity 2, i.e. the twist angle 2 of the driven shaft does not at any point agree with the twist angle 1 of the drive shaft. The difference angle and hence the degree of unevenness u depends on the deflection angle of the joint.

Fig. 9:

The correlations are shown in the following figures 10 to 13.

Fig. 10:

Formel 1: Zusammenhang der Drehwinkel

Curve A: 2 = 1 (synchronous line)
Curve B: 2 = f (1; ß odd 0° )

Difference in twist angle (cardan fault)

Formel 2: Kardanfehler

Fig. 11:

Max. difference in twist angle

Formel 4: max. Differenzdrehwinkel

Fig. 12:

Degree of unevenness

Formel 5: Ungleichförmigkeitsgrad

Fig. 13:

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